Handyman Service

Jeff’s Homecare Services provides the peace of mind for residents in South Florida. Jeff started the company in 2014 with just himself and his personal vehicle. Because of the outstanding reputation he has garnered through his meticulous work, exceptional customer service and transparent business practices, his reputation, and his business, has grown exponentially.

Jeff’s Homecare Services provides a wide range of services: from wall-mounting TVs to installing light fixtures in 25-foot ceilings, painting the walls to installing a backsplash, fixing a leaky faucet to pressure washing your driveway. Jeff and his guys can accomplish just about any of your household needs and finish your wish list.

Jeff's home care services

Services Offered

  • Adding cable locations

  • Carpentry

  • Door repairs

  • Fixing leaky faucets

  • Fixing running toilets

  • Furniture repairs

  • Garage and closet organization

Jeff's home care services
  • Hanging shelves

  • Home networks

  • Security Cameras

  • Pressure washing

  • Television installations

  • Speaker installations

  • Ceiling fans/Light fixtures